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Welcome to Optume Builders

Optume Builders brings you a new array of apartments, flats and villas that match your requirements and compliments your lifestyle. We remain unalike among other home builders with our unique styles and perceptions. These along with the quality of process and materials, ensure positive results. We are one of the best house builders in Kerala who have undertaken several projects and driven them to their successful completion on time.

Incorporated in the year 2012, Optume Builders Group was initially into IT and ITES related business. Ripe with creativity and innovation, it did not take the company long to grow into an immense business entity. Having patented breakthrough innovations such as technologies for Robot-assisted Automated/Manual Parking Solutions for Space Optimization, the company expanded itself into activities


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Engineering Metamorphosis

This is the method of converting adjoining rooms on the ground floor or the entire building into a single hall. The load is transferred to portal frames from the load bearing columns and walls.

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ReStoration Engineering

This is the process of restoring and reinforcing buildings of archaeological or monumental value. Restoration is done in such a way that the architectural aesthetics of the building is preserved.

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Reverse Engineering

Incorrect or defective foundation of buildings lead to appearance of cracks in the superstructure as well as plinth beams and columns.We help building owners in reducing upfront costs.

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Foundation ReInforcement

When additional floors need to be constructed on the existing building, the foundation will have to be strengthened accordingly. Adding strength to the weak foundation.

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Re Alignment Engineering

Because of factors like ineffective foundation, deficient compaction, shallow surface soil, water runoff, decaying of organic material etc, buildings sometimes tend to tilt or incline from their vertical posture.

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ReStructural Engineering

When additions or deletions are done to the main superstructure of a building, the framework or structure of the building will need to be redesigned and modified to accommodate the changes.

What Makes Optume Builders Unique?

The success of our business is the result of the values upheld in our corporate philosophy. It comprises uncompromised quality, commitment to giving value for money and emphasis on customer satisfaction. We measure our success in terms of the happiness experienced by building owners and are proud of our accomplishments. As we move ahead, we are decisive to maintain the highest standards of dependability and trust that have always been the traits of Optume Builders.

Service offered all over India

Since the year 2012, Optume Builders has been providing construction related services across India. Within a short span of few years, we have earned the confidence and loyalty of our customers. Very few south Indian companies in the construction sector have been able to make their presence felt in north India. But our mutually winning policies and quality of our deliverables have helped us become one of the rapidly developing construction and engineering service providers in India. With a strong team of experienced engineers and creative designers, Optume Builders provide building solutions to fulfill every last instruction of the client’s prerequisites.

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100% Guarantee to the Property

Be it a newly constructed building or one that we provide re-engineering serves to, all our works are warranted with 100% guarantee to the property. Our market leading building guarantee permits you and your family to rest easy on the assurance that your home is built to stand the most adverse climatic conditions. We understand that the savings made by lifting, shifting or reengineering your home should not come at a price of safety or endurance. At Optume Builders, we guarantee you a home built with the utmost quality, finest appearance, coziest comfort and in perfect harmony with the nature.

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Risk Free Solutions

We not only guarantee the quality, safety and endurance of the buildings we construct or reengineer. With our services, you can rest assured about the safety of the surroundings where the building is situated, as well. Lifting and shifting is a process that requires careful and detailed planning to avoid any damage to the surroundings of the building. Also, the process itself is a highly risky one, to the building being worked on, as well as the people involved. Our services have been well known and appreciated all across India, for the high standards of safety precautions we adhere to.

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