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The success of our business is the result of the values upheld in our corporate philosophy. It comprises uncompromised quality, commitment to giving value for money and emphasis on customer satisfaction. We measure our success in terms of the happiness experienced by building owners and are proud of our accomplishments. As we move ahead, we are decisive to maintain the highest standards of dependability and trust that have always been the traits of Optume Builders.

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Engineering Metamorphosis

This is the method of converting adjoining rooms on the ground floor or the entire building into a single hall. The load is transferred to portal frames from the load bearing columns and walls. This is an excellent way of adding value to the existing space and also for reviving the economic prospective of the building.

Restoration Engineering

This is the process of restoring and reinforcing buildings of archaeological or monumental value. Restoration is done in such a way that the architectural aesthetics of the building is preserved. Reinforcement of the foundation is also done without damaging the superstructure to prolong the endurance of the building for years to come.

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Reverse Engineering

Incorrect or defective foundation of buildings lead to appearance of cracks in the superstructure as well as plinth beams and columns. We help building owners in reducing upfront costs as well as long-term maintenance costs by redesigning the structures and rectifying inadequate or improper foundations. This procedure is a combination of reverse engineering and value engineering. Rectification is done by either replacing the defective portions of plinth beams, columns or superstructure or completely changing them with adequate beams, columns and superstructure. This combination of reverse engineering and value engineering helps reduce costs and risk, save time and also protect the environment.

Foundation Reinforcement

When additional floors need to be constructed on the existing building, the foundation will have to be strengthened accordingly. Adding strength to the weak foundation to withstand the additional applied load is made possible with foundation reinforcement. Reinforcement can be achieved by casting a new foundation, either by spread footing or raft foundation, depending upon the amount of extra load. Criteria like the load bearing capacity of the soil and the age and condition of the building etc. are taken into consideration before redesigning the foundation. Additional end bearing piles may be installed under the building, if found necessary, in such a way that the combined load of the building is evenly transferred to the harder strata or rock. As opposed to demolishing and reconstructing, this procedure of reinforcing the foundation can be a much economically viable option. This procedure also saves upfront costs, time and risk and contributes to protecting the environment.

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Realignment Engineering

Because of factors like ineffective foundation, deficient compaction, shallow surface soil, water runoff, decaying of organic material etc, buildings sometimes tend to tilt or incline from their vertical posture. This happens when homes are built on reclaimed land due to unavailability of land. Such land will often have insufficient load bearing capacity to withstand the substantial weight of the structure, resulting in sinkage or tilting of the building. To amend this situation, a new foundation may be casted under the existing superstructure, without disturbing it. The load of the building is temporarily transferred to customized manual jacks by detaching the superstructure from the foundation and the building is realigned. Once the realignment is complete, the superstructure is gradually released from the jacks to rest on the new foundation. This is another methodology that favours building owners economically, in terms of upfront costs, time and risk. This procedure also contributes in reducing environmental impacts of demolishing and reconstructing.

Re-structural Engineering

When additions or deletions are done to the main superstructure of a building, the framework or structure of the building will need to be redesigned and modified to accommodate the changes. This is what is accomplished by re-structural engineering. Many crucial factors need to be taken into account while employing re-structural engineering, such as the capability to withstand the stresses and pressures of the environment. The additions or deletions should remain safe, stable and secure throughout their usage. As with all of our services, this is also a procedure that helps in protecting the environment as well as favour building owners economically in terms of upfront costs, time and risk.

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Lifting & Shifting Engineering

Sometimes, because of being situated below road level or adjacent compounds, buildings could be subjected to water clogging during monsoon. Another situation is when the road is widened, requiring the building to be demolished. Also, for better space utilization or such purposes, a building will need to be shifted to a corner of the property. These are typical scenarios where lifting and shifting engineering services are employed. In the former case, the building may be lifted to the intended height, without causing any disturbance to the superstructure. This technology can be applied to any building, irrespective of its age, size, type of construction, etc. Lifting the building is also required when reinforcing the foundation to handle the additional load of new floors added. Shifting the building is also applicable to buildings of all sizes, age and type of construction and is a cost and time saving option as compared to demolishing and reconstructing. But it is an expensive procedure and so, we recommend it only for buildings of massive size or archaeological value. It is expensive because a new foundation has to be constructed at the new location and a track also need to be constructed for the rollers to move the building from its existing location.

Vertical Parking

Ample parking space has to be provided by commercial and residential establishments to be competitive and successfully survive. Setting aside space merely for the purpose of parking is highly unproductive in urban areas. Even in other locations, parking space is reclaimed by filling water bodies, levelling of hills or cutting off trees. This affects the biodiversity of the environment on large scale. Vertical parking is the innovative answer to all these problems. Vertical parking can be provided above the ground, below the ground or even under existing buildings. The parking solutions are customized according to the specific requirement of the customer and the allocated budget. We provide automated parking solutions which requires no manual intervention. The parking allocation, retrieval system etc. are all robot assisted. Vertical parking is not only an economically viable option for building owners, but also helps in saving land that can be used to promote vegetation, thus contributing to counter global warming. In residential establishments the space saved could even be used for better purposes like making a garden.

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Aqua Repel

Aqua repel is the waterproofing service we provide. With this process, the building is made waterproof or water resistant in order to make it relatively unaffected by ingress of water or dampness, either from rain or clogged water from below. Our state-of-the-art waterproofing solutions protects the building as well as its occupants from all hindrances related to dampness.