Incorporated in the year 2012, Optume Builders Group was initially into IT and ITES related business. Ripe with creativity and innovation, it did not take the company long to grow into an immense business entity. Having patented breakthrough innovations such as technologies for Robot-assisted Automated/Manual Parking Solutions for Space Optimization, the company expanded itself into activities as diverse as;

Vertical Parking
Biological Vector Control
Reverse Engineering
Distribution Network
Re-Structural Engineering
Re-Alignment Engineering
Foundation Reinforcement Engineering
Lifting & Shifting Engineering


The ignited young minds of our team were not mere engineers who wanted to build concrete castles. They had always been considerate about the environment and heartily believed it is our primary duty to protect our environment. We understood that the extensive quarrying that goes behind every new building constructed, resulted in serious damage to biodiversity. We realized the agonising fact that plants and aquatic habitats are being destroyed as we humans keep on invading mother nature in order to develop our habitats. Additionally, ecosystems adjacent to construction sites are affected by noise, dust, contaminated water and pollutions of all sorts.

All these concerns have been fuelling our thoughts and ideas and we came up with innovative solutions and technologies to address these issues. This is what paved our path to foraying into Foundation Reinforcement Engineering, Re-Structural Engineering, Re-Alignment Engineering and finally Lifting & Shifting Engineering. These are the segments of construction engineering that minimizes the impact of extensive erection of concrete buildings, which is an unavoidable necessity of present times. These methodologies help in preserving buildings rather than demolishing them. Every building saved from demolition through foundation reinforcement, re-structural engineering and re-alignment engineering translates into one less building constructed. And this is most significant when it comes to lifting & shifting engineering.

Indians have been pretty late to embrace this technology, mainly because of its complexity and laboriousness. Lifting and shifting of a building calls for razor-sharp planning, fool proof safety measures and highly skilled manpower. Only a well-established construction company with years of combined experience in structural and alignment engineering can undertake this behemoth task. That is why building owners across India put their faith in us and stand testimony to our unbeatable track record in the field of lifting and shifting engineering.

As a company adhering to global quality standards, our commitment to quality has been recognized all over in India and even in neighbouring countries. This has been no easy feat, considering the intricacy and attention to detail that goes into the successful execution of a lifting and shifting project. And as always have been and will continue to be, we strive to stay devoted to the vision to protect our environment in all our endeavours. And above all these distinctions, all our services come with guaranteed life time warranty and we use only the latest technologies in lifting, levelling, aligning, shifting, re-structuring and reinforcing buildings.