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House Lifting, also known as house raising, house jacking or building jacking is a highly skill involved process of temporarily lifting a building from its foundation using hydraulic screw jacks. This challenging process is needed for relocating the entire building, as it is, to another location and also for renovating the foundation. The later is the most prevailing application of house lifting in Kerala.
When a second storey is needed on an existing building, chances are that the foundation is not strong enough to withstand the additional load. In some other cases, the foundation may be found to be weak after a few years of construction, whereas the rest of the building is still intact. In such scenarios, the building may be temporarily lifted and a new, stronger foundation may be erected, without disturbing the entire construction.
This is a tricky situation where house lifting comes into play, which is a very convenient and cost saving procedure. However, it is a course of action that requires thorough knowledge of structural architecture.
Once the house is thus lifted, a new foundation may be easily constructed beneath it. Even building an entire storey below the existing house is possible with the help of house lifting.

House Lifting

How House Lifting Works?

House raising is a hefty undertaking that needs careful planning and execution with safety at its core. The procedure involves the use of hydraulic jacks and long, steel I-beams.
First, the condition of the foundation is carefully evaluated and the area is cleared. Once this is done, steel I-beams are slid under the ground floor of the building, supported by hydraulic jacks on either side. Strong pieces of timber are cross-stacked beneath the raised floor.
Typically, the lifting is done at six to ten inches at a time. After each lift, one set of timber is cross-stacked and this process is repeated until the desired height is achieved. Electrical connections, water lines and any such utility connections are disconnected before commencing the house lifting process.
Once the building is lifted as described above, the hydraulic jacks are gradually released, allowing the building to rest on the cross-stacked timbers. Ample time is given to the building to rest firmly on the timber stack, before removing the I-beams and jacks. All the necessary precautions are taken during the process to ensure the safety of the building and workers. Intensive planning and coordination are needed for the successful execution of house raising.

Building Lifting

Though there are a handful of house lifting companies in India, there are not many such companies in Kerala, let alone Ernakulam.
Only an engineering company with strong knowledge of structural architecture, ample manpower with experienced lifters and a proven track record can be a reliable house lifting company in Kerala.
Attention to detail, priority for safety and timely execution of projects are all important points to consider when selecting a building lifting company in Ernakulam. Not to mention cost-effectiveness, as the very idea of house lifting is based on saving money in renovating the existing building, avoiding fresh construction.

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House Lifting Services

So you have got return to the oppertune spot. Here, our prime concerns is to convey you a fast, protected and savvy approac to elivate house/building. You may find our building lifting service. exceptionaly valuable if your house is beneath the road level and you often encounter the irritation of sewerage or downpour water stopping up, provide a finish to the present with our incontestable building elevating innovation and lift your home/building to your required height. We afford Building levelling.

HOUSE LIFTING Kerala Services

In this type the building tilts or inclines from its vertical position. This type of settlement of buildings or extension happens mainly due to inadequate foundation, The building is realigned by detaching the suprestructure and the load of the building s transferred to customized manual jacks and realignment is done. Once the realignment is done, the superstructure is made to rest one the new foundation. This methodology of realignment of the building is an economically viable option compared to demolishing and reconstruction, favouring the owner economically upfront and interms of time, cost, risk and also by protecting our environment.

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Why Optume is for Home Lifting?

State of the art equipments
We are equipped with the latest technology that ensures fast, safe and convenient house lifting services.
Award winning team with skilled professionals
The contribution of our highly trained and efficient professionals have been appreciated in the form of various awards that we received for our work
Home lifting services with 100 % safety We ensure 100% safety in our processes of lifting and shifting houses. Crak or damage free process We take good care of your buildings and we clearly assure you of crack or damage free building after the shifting and lifting process.

House Lifting in Kerala

Optume House Lifting Company, Ernakulam is the front runner of house lifting companies in Kerala and are the pioneers of this technology in Ernakulam.
The recent floods in the state has called for the services of a reliable house lifting company in Kerala. People are even considering raising their homes to stay protected in the event of another such a disaster. Sadly, there are not enough companies with the knowledge and experience required to establish themselves as a reliable house lifting company in Kerala.
You have probable reached us through a web search for house lifting Kerala or house lifting Ernakulam. You have come to the right place.

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Engineering MeTamorphosis-01

Ground floor of the existing building or the entire building can be converted into hall by transferring the load from the load bearing walls/columns to portal frames. This gives value addition to the existing space and helps to Rediscover the Economic Potential of the building.

ReStoration Engineering - 02

In this type; Buildings of archeological or monumental value can be restored along with the reinforcement of the foundation without any damage to the superstructure so that it can withstand the perils of nature for years to come.